Applying for leave for family reasons in the event of quarantine or isolation of a child

As part of the measures implemented in schools and childcare facilities to combat the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (COVID-19), a child may have to be placed in quarantine or isolation by order of the Health Directorate - Direction de la Santé (or the competent foreign authority).

In these two specific cases, and when the parents of the children concerned have to take care of their child, one of the parents is entitled to use the leave for family reasons for the duration of the quarantine or isolation order issued by the Health Directorate.

Days taken as leave for family reasons because a child is quarantined or isolated are not deducted from the days available for each age group.


The parent must complete the form for leave for family reasons due to the child's quarantine or isolation, sign it and send it to the National Health Fund (CNS) and to their employer, attaching the order (certificate) issued by the Health Directorate or by the competent foreign authority.

It should be sent either electronically or by post.

There are two ways of sending the form and required documents (prescription, certificate or attestation) electronically to the CNS:

  • print out the form, sign it by hand, scan or take a good-quality photo of the form and the required supporting documents and send them by e-mail to the address, or ;
  • save the form on the computer, fill it in electronically with Adobe Acrobat Reader, sign the form electronically with a LuxTrust smartcard, and send it by e-mail together with the previously digitised certificate.

The subject of the e-mail must include the 13-digit national identification number.

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