The launch of eConsult

The launch of eConsult, the teleconsultation platform during the corona virus pandemic.

eConsult allows patients to make an online consultation with their doctor, dentist or midwife. This consultation can take place via audio or video.

Why launch a teleconsultation platform?

In order to facilitate access to medical care, the Government has mandated the “Agence eSanté” to set up a global system of teleconsultation. All citizens must have simple, secure and free access to a teleconsultation platform.

This measure is essential in order to limit movement and therefore contamination risks. It also allows doctors in quarantine to continue to practice.

How does it work?

Patient and doctor register to the platform. The patient can then request an appointment with the doctor by consulting his schedule. Doctor and patient then contact each other by teleconsultation.

Why use eConsult for teleconsulting?

eConsult allows you to carry out a teleconsultation in a secure environment adapted to remote consultation.
In addition, eConsult automatically sends all the information at the end of the consultation to ensure the follow-up of the sick patient (e.g. pharmacy, laboratory, "Centre de soins avancé").

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