Contact lenses


Full reimbursement

Contact lenses are reimbursed at 100% of the conventional rates if all the requirements for coverage are met. In order to be covered by the health insurance, the concerned invoice must be presented together with the medical prescription.

Fixed coverage

In the case where contact lenses are supplied to an insured person who does not meet one of the required conditions for the full coverage of contact lenses, but fulfills the requirements for the coverage of a frame and glasses, the health insurance covers the costs incurred for these contact lenses by means of a fixed coverage.

The amount of the fixed coverage consists of:

  1. the amount of thirty euros (30,00€) which corresponds to the rate of coverage of the frame;
  2. the amount corresponding to the price of the glasses (mineral) which would have been covered if glasses had been supplied.

In order to be covered by the health insurance, the invoice must indicate the values of the refraction of the glasses.

In the case of successive deliveries of contact lenses, several invoices can be cumulated up to the amount of the aforementioned fixed coverage, provided that the bills are presented all at once.


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