Payment method

In general, the insured person pays the optician's invoice directly and requests reimbursement from his competent health insurance fund.

In this case, the insured must send the original, duly paid and receipted invoices with the original prescription (if necessary) to his competent fund. The 13-digit national identification number must be indicated. If this is the first request for reimbursement, a bank account number (RIB) must be enclosed. For submissions to the CNS from Luxembourg, the insured does not need to apply a stamp to the envelope.

CNS – Service Remboursements nationaux

L-2980 Luxembourg


The frames

Insured persons are free to choose their frames. In addition to the frames for which the salesperson can freely fix the prices, insured persons have the right to choose between four men's models and four women's models of frames whose price cannot be higher than the amount covered by the health insurance. The frames are covered up to an amount of thirty euros (30.00 €). These frames must be available at all times.

The glasses

The glasses (lenses) are reimbursed in accordance with the tariffs established in the agreement concluded between the health insurance and the professional association of opticians.


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