Ocular prostheses

Payment method

In general, the insured person pays the invoice directly and requests reimbursement from his competent health insurance fund.

In general, the insured must send the original, duly paid and receipted invoices along with the original prescription (if necessary) to his competent fund. The 13-digit national identification number must be indicated. If this is the first request for reimbursement, a bank account number (RIB) must be enclosed. For submissions to the CNS from Luxembourg, the insured does not need to apply a stamp to the envelope.

CNS – Service Remboursements nationaux

L-2980 Luxembourg


Reimbursement covers 100% of the regular cost. The amounts covered can be found in the file B1 under the following codes:


  • Individualized glass ocular prosthesis
  • Individualized scleral ocular prosthesis


  • Plastic ocular prosthesis without molding
  • Plastic ocular prosthesis with molding


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