Hospitals in Luxembourg

Payment method

Invoice for hospital services

This invoice includes the hospital costs of the various visits to the hospital's units or services. For a treatment covered by health insurance, this invoice is sent directly by the hospital to the CNS and is covered by the latter.

Invoice for medical fees

Each doctor consulted as part of a hospital treatment (outpatient or inpatient) issues his or her own medical invoices. The insured person must pay the costs upfront and send the reimbursement claim to the CNS.

However, in the case of inpatient treatment, if the hospital stay exceeds three days or if the invoice for medical fees per specialty exceeds €100, the doctor may send the medical invoices directly to the CNS.

Coverage rate

Invoice for hospital services

These invoices are fully covered by the CNS.

Invoice for medical fees

Medical invoices for outpatient treatments are covered at a rate of 88% of the rates set for adults, and 100% for children and young people under 18 years of age.

In the case of inpatient or semi-stationary treatment (=outpatient but under surveillance), medical invoices are covered at a rate of 100% of the tariffs provided for by the nomenclature of acts and services of doctors (not including the 66% increase for treatments in individual rooms).


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