Payment method

Third-party payment system

If the dietitian has sent the request for validation of the prescription to the CNS, the services provided for in the dietitians' nomenclature of acts and services may be paid directly by the CNS through the third-party payment system, at the request of the insured person.

Under the third-party payment system, the insured person pays the dietitian only the part for which he is responsible (the part that is not reimbursed by health insurance).

Advance of costs

The third-party payment system is not applicable when the insured person requested to receive the certificate of coverage from the CNS personally.

In this case, at the end of the treatment, the dietitian presents an invoice to the insured person showing the total amount to be paid, i.e. the portion to be covered by health insurance as well as any part to be paid by the insured person. After payment, the insured person requests a reimbursement with their competent fund (CNS or public sector health fund).

To be eligible for reimbursement, the insured person must send to their competent health insurance fund a request for reimbursement including:

  • the dietitian's invoice. This invoice must be validly paid and bear the insured's 13-digit identification number, surname and first name and the number of the certificate of coverage;
  • the original medical prescription.

Coverage rate

The acts and services listed in the dietitians’ nomenclature are covered at the rate of eighty-eight percent (88%) provided that these acts are prescribed to a person who presents one of the pathologies provided for in Annex E of the CNS statutes.

By derogation, the coverage rate is one hundred percent (100%) when the insured person has not reached the age of 18 years on the issuance date of the medical prescription.

Any personal contribution that the insured person may have to pay for dietary acts delivered in a hospital by a dietitian employed by the hospital is invoiced to them by the hospital.


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