Payment method

Third-party payment

In general, psychomotricity services are covered directly by health insurance through the third-party payment system.

Under the third-party payment system, the insured person pays the psychomotor therapist only the portion at their own expense.

The insured person pays the fees upfront

If the third-party payment system has not been applied, the psychomotor therapist presents to the insured person an invoice at the end of the treatment showing the total amount to be paid, i.e. the portion of the costs covered by health insurance as well as any portion to be paid by the insured person. After payment, the insured person requests a reimbursement of the portion covered by health insurance from their competent fund (CNS or public sector health insurance fund).

In order to be refunded for an invoice issued by a psychomotor therapist, the invoice must:

  • display the insured’s identification number, surname and first name;
  • be validly paid;
  • be submitted with the medical prescription and the certificate of coverage of the CNS.

Coverage rate

Acts and services listed in the nomenclature of psychomotor therapists, duly authorised in advance by the CMSS, as well as the assessment reports, are covered at the rate of 88% of the tariffs applicable at the time of their delivery.

The coverage rate is 100% if the insured person has not reached the age of 18 years at the time the prescription is issued.

The health insurance coverage rate is 80% for acts of relaxation.


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