Tobacco cessation


The  « tobacco cessation programme », conducted by the Ministry of Health and the CNS, provides for the following:

  • If during the first consultation, the doctor bills the code E40, the CNS reimbursement is 100%. The patient needs to send the medical bill directly to the CNS for reimbursement.
  • During the last consultation at 8 months, the doctor bills the code E45, which is also reimbursed at a rate of 100% by the CNS. This code is mandatory in order for the patient to claim reimbursement of the fixed price for medications.
  • This medical bill E45 must be sent together with the invoices for the medications to the Health Directorate for validation. The documents will then be transmitted to the CNS for reimbursement.


Contact at the Ministry of Health
Marisa Ferreira Da Costa
Cost-free phone number: 8002 6767

The other medical consultations are reimbursed according to normal coverage rates. Regarding any medication prescribed as part of the tobacco cessation programme, participants are entitled to a 50% reimbursement at the end of the programme (the eighth month), with a maximum reimbursement of 100 €.

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