Hearing aids

Payment method

Purchase in Luxembourg

The insured person does not need to pay the costs if the hearing aid is purchased in Luxembourg. Third-party payment is applicable in this case, i.e. the costs are directly settled between the CNS and the hearing aid supplier.

Purchase abroad

If the insured person decides to purchase the hearing aid abroad (EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein), they must pay the costs upfront.
The duly paid invoice with the certificate of coverage must then be sent to the CNS for reimbursement.
Attention: In accordance with European legislation, for cross-border workers, the health insurance fund of the country of residence is competent for covering healthcare and supplies provided in that country, and not the CNS. If the insured cross-border worker wishes to purchase the hearing aid in their country of residence, they must apply to the health insurance fund in their country of residence.

Coverage rate

The coverage rate for hearing aids is 100% on the basis of a flat-rate amount established according to file B3 of the CNS statutes.

During the first appointment the SAP issues a coverage voucher indicating the determined flat rates and the amounts covered by the CNS.

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