Orthodontic treatments

Payment method

In general, the insured person pays the doctor's invoice directly and requests reimbursement from his competent health insurance fund.

In this case, the insured must send the original, duly paid and receipted invoices aswell as a copy of the approved quotation to his competent fund. The 13-digit national identification number must be indicated. If this is the first request for reimbursement, a bank account number (RIB) must be enclosed. For submissions to the CNS from Luxembourg, the insured does not need to apply a stamp to the envelope.

CNS – Service Remboursements nationaux

L-2980 Luxembourg

Coverage rates

The costs of orthodontic treatment are covered according to the flat rates for defined periods and then only for each period after the period has finished.
The costs of orthodontic treatment are only reimbursed to the extent of treatment already completed.

Reimbursement amounts to 88% of the standard rates apart from the annual amount of 66,50 € (as of 01.01.2020) which is paid in full by the health insurance. (This amount does not relate only to orthodontic treatments but to any kind of dental care, with the exception of prosthetic treatments.)

For children under 18 years at the moment of a finished period, these treatments are covered at the rate of hundred per cent (100%) of the standard rates.


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