Simple transport

Rates of coverage

Indemnification of simple transportation by ambulance undertaken by public services under the jurisdiction of the State or the communes is based on the standard applicable rates and is seventy per cent (70%) of the invoiced amounts.

Simple transportation by ambulance, carried out by private individuals working in a commercial capacity or commercial companies or by public service establishments or non-profit organisations working in the field of health or assistance and rescue, is covered up to the amount of seventy per cent (70%) of invoices, based either on a minimum sum of thirty-eight euros (38,00 €) per evacuation or move, or based on the amount of one euro and twenty-five cents (1,25 €) per kilometre, excluding all the other costs factors which a transporter may legally include in his invoice, whenever such cost factors are not incurred as a result of express statutory provisions.

Waiting periods are covered up to the amount of seventy per cent (70%) in the case of round trips for the insured person only when the charges for waiting periods, which are reckoned at 30 cents (0,30 €) a minute, amount to less than the total charge for the round trip itself.

Before choosing a carrier, it is recommended that the insured person learns about the costs they may have to bear. Carriers are authorised to invoice supplements exceeding the amount covered by the health insurance.

The cost of the journey is calculated by taking the shortest distances between the normal ambulance dock of the ambulance used, the departure point of the insured person, the place where the insured person receives care treatment, the place to where the insured person is brought back, if necessary, and finally to the normal parking place of the ambulance again. Without prejudice to preceding provisions, the journey covered commences from the ambulance dock nearest to the departure point of the insured person, unless it is established that there is no ambulance available there.

Disinfection of the ambulance is fully covered up to a flat rate of a hundred and thirteen euros (113,00 €) only if medically prescribed either by the doctor who ordered the transport or by the doctor treating the insured person upon admission to the hospital.

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