Countries outside of the EU, the EEA and Switzerland

Countries bound by bilateral agreement with Luxembourg should be distinguished from countries with no agreements.

All medical treatment planned before departure is subject to prior authorisation from the CNS based on a favourable opinion from the CMSS. The same procedure for requesting authorisation applies here and in the other EU and EEA countries as well as Switzerland.


Countries linked to Luxembourg by an agreement in terms of social security

The principles laid out by the respective agreement apply. If authorisation is granted, some agreements provide for a specific form allowing for coverage according to the rates and tariffs in force in the country of treatment. The specific details of each agreement must be checked on a case-by-case basis.

The countries are:

Bosnia-Herzegovina LU-BiH112
Macedonia L-RM112
Montenegro MNE/L-112
Serbia SRB/LUX 112
Turkey TR/L-3


Third-countries not linked to Luxembourg by an agreement in terms of social security

If a justified request is made by a specialist doctor and if the CMSS issues a favourable opinion, it is possible to receive a transfer authorisation for medical treatment in one of these countries with no bilateral agreement. If agreement is given, the insured person receives a certificate of coverage (titre de prise en charge) from the CNS.

The insured person must pay the costs of the treatment in full and apply for reimbursement on their return. The CMSS sets the refund amount or decides whether any increase may be granted.

If agreement is given for treatment outside the European Union and the European continent, the insured person is entitled to a special fixed travel allowance. The same allowance is payable for an authorised accompanying person.


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