Holidays outside of the EU, EEA and Switzerland

Immediate health care treatment may be necessary when travelling abroad. In order to avoid any inconveniences, various steps need to be taken before, during and after the holidays insofar as health insurance is concerned.

The situation, especially coverage, depends on whether or not treatment is provided in a country with which the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has signed a bilateral social security agreement.

Countries outside the European Union (EU), the EEA and Switzerland, but linked by bilateral agreement with Luxembourg

Countries Forms
Cap Verde LCV/5 (5-40)
European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
Morocco L/M8
Montenegro European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
Quebec LUX QUE 4
(only for studies/secondary placements)
Serbia European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
Tunisia T/L
Turkey TR/L-3

For these countries, the insured person is required to present a form to the social security institution of their place of stay, certifying, that the holder has the right to benefits in kind, during their period of stay. This institution covers the provided health care at the same rates and tariffs, and under the same conditions as it normally applies.

The form must be requested at least fifteen days before departure.

Accommodation and repatriation costs, as well as expenses of an accompanying person are not covered.

Private-sector health care providers will not accept the forms listed above. The invoices must be paid and a refund must be requested from the competent country.

As the agreements currently in place do not allow for the possibility of the CNS to act on behalf of the insured person, it is preferable that the procedure outlined above is followed in order to avoid possible problems arising from reimbursement requests.

Countries outside the European Union (EU), the EEA and Switzerland, as well as countries not linked by a bilateral agreement with Luxembourg

This covers all other countries that are not linked by bilateral or multilateral agreement with Luxembourg.

In the event of emergency treatment in one of these countries, the insured person will have to pay the relating costs upfront. Accommodation and repatriation costs as well as expenses of an accompanying person are not covered.

The CNS reimburses bills originating in any of these countries according to the rates, tariffs and conditions pertaining in Luxembourg.

To be eligible for reimbursement, it is essential that bills be:

  • settled;
  • detailed (using medical expressions and not codes) and
  • worded in one of the following languages: English, French, German.

The costs of medical healthcare and hospital care can vary widely from one country to another and may be higher than in Luxembourg, possibly leading to substantial differences between sums paid and sums reimbursed by the CNS, to the disadvantage of the insured person. If you wish to improve your health insurance coverage in this respect, you should consult a private insurer who specialises in this kind of cover.


For treatment in a country not bound by bilateral agreement with Luxembourg, any treatment that is not urgent (e.g. visual aids, dental crowns, dentures, simple consultations with no diagnosis etc.) will not be reimbursed. The same applies to treatment in a country bound by bilateral agreement with Luxembourg (Turkey, Macedonia etc.).

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