Positive list

In Luxembourg, a total or partial reimbursement of medications purchased in pharmacies open to the public depends on whether or not the medication is recorded in the positive list of medications published in the Official Journal ("Mémorial").

Medications appearing on the positive list are divided into three separate categories. For each category, a specific coverage rate is provided:

  • The reduced coverage rate is 40%. It applies to medicines that are of moderate interest in current medical practice and are intended for the symptomatic treatment of benign pathologies, with a few exceptions.
  • The normal coverage rate is 80%. It applies to all medicines on the positive list for which the CNS statutes do not specify a different rate.
  • The preferential coverage rate is 100%. It applies to medicines that have a precise therapeutic indication, contain only one active ingredient, are irreplaceable or are of vital interest in the treatment of particularly serious or chronic pathologies and are likely to generate an inappropriate participation in the costs for the person. All these conditions must be met at the same time.

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