The Steering Committee

The CNS is placed under the responsibility of a Steering Committee in charge of managing the CNS. Actions and decisions taken by the Steering Committee are binding for the CNS.

The committee is composed of the President of the CNS, representative of the State, 5 delegates for employees of the private sector, 3 delegates for the public sector, 3 delegates for self-employed individuals and 5 delegates for employers.

The Steering Committee meets under three different compositions, namely the plenary management, CNS management and long-term care management.

For CNS management relating to healthcare expenses paid upfront by the insured person, to cash benefits in terms of sickness and maternity and to the funerary allowance, all of which concerning individuals insured by the CNS, the Steering Committee sits in the absence of delegates representing the public sector.

When it comes to long-term care insurance, the Steering Committee deliberates in the absence of employers' delegates.

The Steering Committee sets up the principles of internal governorship of the CNS allowing on one hand to steer and on the other hand to control the activities of the CNS.

The specific missions of the Steering Committee are defined in the Social Security Code (Code de la sécurité sociale CSS), according to which it belongs to the committee:

  • to rule on the total annual budget of the health and maternity insurance, taking into account the budget of the administrative expenses established by the health insurance funds of the public sector (Caisse de maladie des fonctionnaires et employés publics, Caisse de maladie des fonctionnaires et employés communaux and Entraide médicale de la société nationale des chemins de fer luxembourgeois);
  • to establish the multiannual programming;
  • to re-determine the contribution rates;
  • to rule on the annual global figures of incomes and expenditures as well as the balance sheet of the health-maternity insurance;
  • to establish the statutes regulating, within the limits of legal, regulatory and conventional provisions, all that relates to services;
  • to lay down the rules relating to the operation of the CNS;
  • to prepare the negotiations to be carried out by the President or his representative with healthcare providers and to comment on the outcome of these negotiations;
  • to manage the property assets of the CNS;
  • to make decisions concerning the personnel of the CNS.

The composition of the Steering Committee as of 28.05.2018

President: Christian Oberlé (representing the State)
Full members Substitute members

Representatives for employees

Carlos Pereira
(vice-president assumed in turn)
André Roeltgen
Lynn Settinger Romance Scheuer
Armand Drews Thomas Klein
René Pizzaferri Alain Back
Christophe Knebeler Paul De Araujo
Alphonse Classen Nico Wennmacher
Alain Spies Marie-Claude Koders
Claude Geimer Jean-Marie Spartz
Representatives for employers
Michel Rodenbourg  
Norbert Geisen Christian Colas
Camille Schroeder Josiane Willems
Fabienne Lang Cristelle Cervellati
Claude Bizjak Silvia Teixeira
Marc Kieffer François Engels
Jean-Paul Olinger Michel Wadlé
Nicolas Henckes
(vice-president assumed in turn)
Michèle Marques
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