Teleconsultation - How does it work

In order to facilitate citizens' access to medical care and assistance while limiting their travels (contamination), the Government has mandated the eHealth Agency (Agence eSanté) to set up a global teleconsultation system.

The eConsult platform was born.

The advantages of using the services of this teleconsultation platform :

  • The teleconsultation system does not replace medicine, but allows easy access to care and provides good added value thanks to videoconferencing and the electronic sending of documents.
  • It is essential in the current emergency situation, because it limits travel and contact, and therefore the risk of contamination.
  • It protects patients, healthcare professionals and citizens.

Professional ethics

Teleconsultation in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic is subject to specific rules.

Teleconsultation is a form of medical practice like any other. It allows a healthcare professional to give a consultation at a distance using information and communication technologies. Teleconsultation only replaces medical consultation. It is therefore prohibited to bill a patient for a teleconsultation for any other remote request from the patient, such as a prescription renewal or a request for general information.

Video tutorials

Videos in four parts explain how to use eConsult:

  • Video tutorial eConsult - 1. Access to the platform
  • Video tutorial eConsult - 2. Appointment scheduling
  • Video tutorial eConsult - 3. The teleconsultation session
  • Video tutorial eConsult - 4. After consultation

User guides

Two user guides are available to explain the procedures to both the patient and the healthcare provider.

eConsult, a tool that integrates the following security measures and personal data protection:

  • Collection and processing of personal information in accordance with the GDPR ((EU) 2016/679) ;
  • Personal data hosted on Luxembourg territory by an approved hosting company ;
  • With the User's explicit prior consent, personal data collected exclusively for use by health professionals in compliance with the rules relating to medical confidentiality, by the User's treating physician with his prior consent and upon transmission of the report by him, to the CNS for the medical invoices and the certificate of incapacity for work, to strictly authorised employees of the Agency eSanté for the support of the provision of the service to Users ;
  • No personal data will be transferred or communicated to other persons;
  • Right of information, access, rectification, opposition and deletion of personal data for any User.

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