Seasonal influenza

In accordance with provisions of the agreement concluded between the State of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the “Caisse nationale de santé” (National Health Fund) launching an anti-influenza vaccination programme for certain risk groups, specific vaccines against seasonal influenza (but NOT influenza A/H1N1) are covered when:

  • the insured person has reached the age of 65 during the current year


  • the medical prescription justifies that the medication is administered:
    • to a pregnant woman
    • or in one of the following situations:
      • chronic lung diseases
      • chronic heart diseases
      • chronic kidney diseases
      • chronic diseases of the metabolism
      • congenital immunodepression or immunodepression acquired through sickness or as a result of medicational treatment
      • autoimmune disorders
      • haemoglobinopathies
      • neurological disorders or neuromuscular diseases with a heightened risk of aspiration pneumopathy
      • illnesses justifying chronic treatment with acetylsalicylic acid for someone under 18 years of age

Only vaccines included in the positive list under the codification ATCJ07BB02 can be covered.

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