Travel allowance

Reimbursement of travel and transportation costs here refers to a lump sum travel allowance for expenses incurred, regardless of the form of transport taken, by the insured person and where applicable, by an officially authorised person accompanying the insured person.

In the case of transportation for previously authorised medical treatment outside the European continent, the insured person is entitled to a special flat-rate travel allowance. The person authorised beforehand to accompany the insured person is entitled to the same reimbursement on presentation of a medical justification which has been accepted by the Medical Board of the Social Security (Contrôle médical de la sécurité sociale CMSS).

However, the travel allowance for the accompanying person is only covered when the journey is undertaken by public means of transport.


General and particular conditions

The insured person is entitled to a travel allowance for travel and transportation costs:

  1. in the case of serial transportations provided for by the statutes as long as transportation is not carried out by another means of transport than those covered by the health insurance. This entitlement covers the following:
    • transportation to a hospital with treatment focussing on chemotherapy, radiotherapy and haemodialysis;
    • transportation to the national functional rehabilitation and readaptation centre (centre national de rééducation fonctionnelle et de réadaptation) or to the geriatric or cardiac rehabilitation unit of a hospital;
    • transportation to a hospital for which special treatment has been authorised by the CMSS (Medical Board of the Social Security);
  2. for all authorised treatment abroad. In this case, the person accompanying the protected person is entitled to reimbursement as well, provided that the need to accompany the protected person is duly supported by documentation written and supplied by the treating doctor. No medical certificate is required when accompanying a minor;
  3. for going to the CMSS (Medical Board of the Social Security) after receiving notice to appear there for the purpose of receiving an orthopaedic prosthesis.

There is no entitlement to travel allowance for insureds who follow a cure abroad.

The "B6 file" from annex A of the CNS statutes determines the situations in which the health insurance covers travel and transportation costs.


Terms of coverage

A travel allowance is paid out by the CNS or the competent public sector fund on the basis of a specific indemnity claim placed by the person entitled. The claim must be accompanied by a copy of the authorisation for treatment abroad.

The travel allowance is always paid to the person who has been transported, or in the case of a minor, to the minor’s legal representative.

If the insured person submits a paid invoice for a means of transportation for which the requirements for coverage have not been fulfilled, the travel allowance is paid out automatically - if transportation was carried out abroad.

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