In case of emergency

Transportation by ambulance known as S.A.M.U. (service d'aide médicale urgente - medical emergency aid services) in life-threatening cases exclusively refers to transportation carried out by ambulances from rescue centres for level I emergency cases. These transportations are documented as such in the official intervention report (procès-verbal d'intervention).

General and particular conditions

Transportation by ambulance by the medical emergency aid services in life-threatening cases (level I emergency) is covered provided that said emergency is duly documented in the official intervention report issued in conformity with the provisions which define the relationship between the health insurance and the competent services in charge of dispatching or carrying out such transportation.

The "File B6" from annex A of the CNS statutes provides for the situations where the health insurance covers transport and travel services.

Terms of coverage

Transportation by ambulance from the medical emergency aid services (S.A.M.U.) in a case of an urgent life-threatening situation (level I emergency) is directly covered by the CNS through the third-party payment system, provided that the emergency situation is acknowledged. If this is not the case, the costs can still be covered by submitting paid and receipted invoices; these will then be covered as if they were relating to a simple transportation, on condition that all the relevant conditions are met.

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