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  1. Submissions to the CNS and the 16 agencies

    For a reimbursement by bank transfer, please send the original paid and receipted fee notes and invoices to the following address: Caisse nationale de santé Remboursements L-2980 LUXEMBOURG Please remember to keep copies of these invoices. If you submit a
  2. Receiving the reimbursement statement with a cheque

    If the insured person wishes to be refunded by cheque in one of the CNS agencies, they will from now on receive the corresponding reimbursement statement immediately. The CNS offers this service in favour of the insured person, who will no longer have to wait to receive the document by post.
  3. Annual report 2016 of the CNS

    The CNS presents its annuel report 2016. It shows the functioning and organisation of the administration in terms of both the governance and the different departments in charge of health-maternity and long-term care insurances.