As administrator of the health-maternity and long-term care insurances, the National Health Fund (Caisse nationale de santé) is the legal insurance provider in the health care system, which is based on three basic principles:

  • solidarity;
  • equal access to healthcare and
  • best quality care.

We accompany the insured person by granting:

  • a maternity allowance;
  • coverage of healthcare costs, as well as long-term care and
  • a payment of cash benefits in the event of incapacity for work.

We maintain a high level of coverage and incorporate medical progress to the benefit of the insured person. We strengthen our role in terms of prevention and guidance to guarantee a high-quality service. We develop our relationships with the insured person, the healthcare personnel and corporations to initiate simplification and dialog. We handle the funds at our disposal responsibly, efficiently and sustainably.  We take measures against fraud and fraudulent use. We assume a leadership role in the social security and health care domain and we participate in discussions and projects at this level.

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