Latest News

  1. Offices in Wiltz and Redange/Attert

    Our office in Wiltz will be closed on Tuesday 24.07.2018 during the whole day and our office in Redange/Attert will be closed on Friday 27.07.2018 also during the whole day for technical maintenance.
  2. Refund of several invoices

    Some invoices are scanned at the CNS, others aren't yet because of their complexity. This is why the insured person may receive several refunds and reimbursement statements, even if the invoices were sent together to the CNS for reimbursement.
  3. Balance of leave for family reasons via

    The balance of leave for family reasons can now be consulted 7/7 and 24/24 via A certificate providing this balance may also be requested. This CNS service is only one of the many already available through
  4. Speech therapy - new leaflet and new page

    Discover our new page "Speech therapy" as well as our new corresponding leaflet. The procedure of coverage for speech therapy treatments is explained in detail.