Consultation with a health care provider/purchase of supplies

Consultation with a doctor in a EU Member State

For consultations with a doctor (in a foreign health centre, clinic or hospital) you do not necessarily need prior authorisation. The reimbursement is made according to Luxembourg rates and tariffs. It is important to remember that no reimbursement will be made, if the terms specified by the CNS statutes are not respected.

However, authorisation is required if the doctor uses highly specialised medical equipment specified in the restrictive list (tableau des équipements et appareils soumis à planification) or the consultation requires the use of hospital infrastructure.

Prior authorisation can still be applied for, if a prescribing doctor directs the patient to a colleague abroad. In this case, the procedure for requesting prior authorisation should be respected.

If prior transfer authorisation is granted, the insured person is entitled to request a travel allowance, which is not the case without prior transfer authorisation.

Consultation with a healthcare provider or purchase of medical supplies in another EU Member State

As a resident of the European Union you are entitled to travel freely within EU territory to consult healthcare providers or buy certain medical supplies, with no need for prior authorisation, as long as no use is made of medical infrastructure. Any technical or diagnostic action by a foreign specialist doctor, that makes use of hospital infrastructure or any costly or highly specialised treatment (e.g. surgical treatment, medical analysis or the use of specialist apparatus etc.) requires prior authorisation, without which no reimbursement can be made and you are liable for the full cost.

If you choose to consult a healthcare provider or buy medical supplies abroad, you remain subject to Luxembourg legislation and the CNS's statutory and conventional provisions, with regards to reimbursement.

It is therefore advisable to seek information about the conditions of payment and reimbursement in Luxembourg, before travelling abroad to receive healthcare or buy supplies.

Certain services require the prior authorisation of the CNS or the CMSS. Others require a prescription issued before the treatment is provided or the supplies must feature on specific lists that are an integral part of the CNS statutes to be reimbursed. Certain refunds are subject to renewal intervals (e.g. glasses).

In general, any service that is non-refundable in Luxembourg will remain non-refundable, if it is provided in another EU member state (e.g. orthodontics for adults, osteopathy, alternative medicine etc.).



Consultatioun with a doctor, a health care provider or purchase of medical supplies in a country outside of the EU, the EEA and Switzerland, linked or not linked by bilateral agreement with Luxembourg

Any health care that is not urgent but planned outpatient (e.g. visual aids, dental crowns, dentures, single consultations with no diagnosis etc.) will not be reimbursed, if it is delivered in a country bound by bilateral agreement with Luxembourg or a third-country not linked by bilateral agreement with Luxembourg.


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