Expecting a child

Entitlement to maternity leave

To be entitled to maternity leave, the insured person must have completed a mandatory minimum period of six months membership in the 12 months preceding the commencement of maternity leave.


Maternity leave
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Duration of maternity leave

Pre-natal leave is 8 weeks before the expected date of delivery.

Post-natal leave is 12 weeks after the actual date of delivery.  

Please note:

  • if delivery takes place before the expected date, the part of the pre-natal leave which has not been taken will be added to the post-natal leave, to a maximum of 20 weeks total maternity leave;
  • if delivery takes place after the expected date, the date of leave from work is prolonged correspondingly, with no prejudice to post-natal leave entitlement.

Amount of the maternity allowance

For both salaried and non-salaried workers, the level of maternity allowance corresponds to that applicable in the case of sickness or accident.

The monthly allowance is not to exceed the current minimum wage (used for this purpose as a benchmark) by more than a factor of five.

Notification to the the CNS

The request for maternity leave is made by submitting a medical certificate indicating the predicted date of delivery. This medical certificate must be issued within the last twelve weeks of pregnancy

Important: for requests for maternity leave, the CNS only accepts pregnancy certificates issued by doctors, not by midwives.

After delivery

A copy of the birth certificate of the newly born child is to be sent to: - Service Indemnités Pécuniaires

Important note!

For all questions regarding parental leave and family benefits (child birth allowance, child benefits etc.) please contact the "Caisse pour l'avenir des enfants/Zukunftskeess" (CAE) directly.

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