Dental care

The CNS covers services provided by dentists. The list of dental services, known as the "dentists' nomenclature", includes various procedures and services that are covered.

This page explains how dental consultations, visits and technical procedures are covered.

What services are covered?

To name just a few of the main categories of dental treatments covered:

  • normal and urgent consultations
  • normal and urgent visits by the dentist at home or in hospital
  • dental scaling/cleaning
  • periodontal care
  • root canals (pulpectomies)
  • fillings (obturations) and removal of fillings
  • local and regional anaesthesia (by the dentist)
  • general anaesthesia in hospital (by a specialist anaesthetist)
  • simple and surgical dental extractions
  • radiodiagnostics (X-rays, etc.)
  • if you suffer from one of the two rare diseases (anodontia or oligodontia), bone implants on the skull and face
  • orthodontic treatment
  • prosthetic treatment

...and much more!

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