Payment schedule for financial benefits

In accordance with provisions of article 185 of the CNS statutes, financial benefits are paid at the end of each month. However, due to technical reasons, payments are often advanced and the dates of transfer can vary each month.

The table below shows the various due dates:

Month File closure date Date of transfer
06/2019 21.06.2019 28.06.2019
07/2019 19.07.2019 26.07.2019
08/2019 23.08.2019 30.08.2019
09/2019 20.09.2019 27.09.2019
10/2019 18.10.2019 25.10.2019
11/2019 22.11.2019 29.11.2019
12/2019 18.12.2019 27.12.2019


File Closure Date:

Last day an insured person can request an update of his or her file from a CNS agent.

Date of Transfer:

Day of transfer to bank accounts:

  • national accounts (Luxembourg) are normally credited the following day
  • offshore accounts are credited in accordance with bank practices
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