Improvement of coverage

As the financial situation of the health-maternity insurance has shown a positive evolution, it was decided to adapt certain measures in order to improve coverage of healthcare to the benefit of patients.

The following measures are concerned (as of 1.1.2017):

  1. teeth: a second annual scaling is covered as well as local anaesthesia even in the case of a filling.
  2. glasses: organic glasses are covered for all insured persons even without a medical prescription.
  3. contact lenses: the renewal period is reduced from 4 to 3 years and a reimbursement is provided for starting at diopter 6.
  4. transportation by taxi or ambulance: as of 1.1.2017, the price per kilometer is raised to 1,60 euros for transportation by taxi with a flat rate amount of 6,40 euros per transport; for transportation by ambulance, the flat rate amounts to 38 euros and the price per kilometer 1,25 euros.
  5. orthopaedic supplies: therapeutic shoes for the diabetic foot are covered.


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