CNS goes digital: what are we talking about?

You have communicated to us your expectations for faster reimbursement and your wish to be able to use your smartphone to manage your procedures for reimbursement of medical fees. Faced with these expectations, the CNS has made every effort to offer you gradually over the year a digital alternative to the current paper exchanges between the healthcare professional, you and the CNS.

What are the advantages of this digitisation?
  • The purpose of document scanning is:

    - Make the exchange of documents between the healthcare professional, you and the CNS faster
    - Reduce processing times and therefore get a faster reimbursement of your medical fees
    - Produce fewer paper documents for an eco-responsible approach
    - Secure the management and exchange of documents
How will this happen in practice?


You access the invoice on a dedicated mobile application. You will then be able to send your reimbursement request to the CNS digitally through the application. Printing the document on paper will no longer be necessary.

What choices will I have with my doctor?

During your consultation with your doctor, the latter, if participating in the digitisation initiative, can send you your invoice electronically or on paper.

  • If you choose the digital solution, and you pay your invoice at your doctor's practice, you can directly transfer it to the CNS for reimbursement. If you do not pay the invoice on site, you will send the paper document to the CNS as usual. This document will contain a QR code which will allow the CNS to process it more quickly.
  • If you do not want to use the digital option, the paper option is still possible. By nature, it is slower than sending electronically and generates more administrative work, which extends the processing times for reimbursement requests to the CNS.
Why is reimbursement faster?

Thanks to digital sharing, reimbursement will take place more quickly. Indeed, digital processing generates less administrative work, which greatly reduces delays.

Do I always have to advance the money?

Yes, until 2023, an advance of the costs by the insured will still be necessary. From 2023, we will introduce direct immediate payment which will allow you to limit your payment to the amount that is not covered by health and maternity insurance.

Can I continue to receive paper versions of my invoices?

Yes, invoices on paper continue to exist. If the patient wishes a paper version, the invoice will be printed, and will contain a QR code that will allow the CNS to process them digitally.

If I have chosen my paper version of my medical invoice, what should I do?

If you opt for the edition of your invoice on paper, nothing changes in the process compared to the current situation. After payment, you will send it to CNS by post with proof of payment to request reimbursement. The processing times for reimbursement from the CNS for invoices printed on paper without a QR code and transferred by post are considerably longer than those for invoices transferred electronically. 

If my doctor does not participate in the digitisation process, what happens?

If your doctor is not participating in the digitisation initiative, he will issue the documents as he always did, i.e. on paper and without a QR code. The reimbursement will be made as before.

Where are my invoices stored?

Invoices which contain a QR code are stored on a secure platform hosted by the eSanté agency.
These invoices are then transmitted via a secure communication channel to the CNS, which stores them for processing.

Can I archive documents in my shared care record (DSP)?

No, the DSP allows you to archive medical documents. These are administrative documents that are not stored in the same space.

How does it work if the person paying is not the patient?

If the person paying the invoice is not the patient, the doctor will have to issue the document on paper without a QR code as he did before. This will allow the CNS to transfer reimbursements to an account other than that of the patient. At the moment, it is not possible to enter bank account details other than your own in the digital solution.

For how long are the documents accessible?

The documents remain available for a period of two years.

What about my online reimbursement statement?

At present, the reimbursement statement can only be deposited electronically in your personal and secure space on the MyGuichet.lu platform.

A strong authentication is required to access your personal space on the MyGuichet.lu platform.To set up the service, just activate eDelivery under My data > Health/Social > Sickness and maternity > Services MyGuichet. A notification will be sent by email whenever reimbursement statements are added to the MyGuichet eSpace. The statements can be viewed in PDF format.

You can active your account and connect by following the link http://www.guichet.public.lu/myguichet/en/index.html

Only the reimbursement statements deposited in your MyGuichet space following the activation of the "eDelivery" service can be consulted there.

Which mobile application should I use to have my invoice processed by the CNS?

Depending on the platform used by your doctor to submit their invoices, you can use the CNSapp or the MyGuichet.lu app. Your doctor will be able to tell you which mobile application is compatible with his digital solution.

How to connect to the mobile application CNSapp?

I already have an eSanté account

If you have already activated your eSanté account, you can use the registration number and password that you have already defined.

I don't have an eSanté account

If you do not have an eSanté account, you have two options:

  • You can activate it by going to the website www.esanté.lu
  • You can ask your doctor to issue a QR code for you to activate. The doctor can edit such a code by checking your data (identity card, telephone number, etc.).
How to connect to the MyGuichet.lu mobile application?

You must have a MyGuichet account to be able to access the various online services, including the reimbursement of your invoices. All you have to do is use your usual MyGuichet connection method (Luxtrust, GouvID, eIDAS). After downloading the MyGuichet.lu mobile application, you can pair it up by scanning the QR code displayed in your personal space on the MyGuichet.lu platform when you click on "Mobile pairing".

The service for the reimbursement of invoices can be found in the section "My data", select "Health insurance" and then "Accelerated reimbursement".

What can I do with mobile applications?

Mobile applications now allow you to send your invoices digitally to the CNS. It is no longer necessary to send a printed document in an envelope.

Can I send my children's invoices with the mobile application?

If you use the CNSapp, you need an eSanté account for each child. With the codes for these accounts, you can then use the app for your children. In the app, you can then choose to have the invoices always sent automatically to the health fund, so that you don't always have to log in individually to manage the documents for each child.

If you use the MyGuichet app, it is currently not possible to send your children's invoices electronically. In this case you have to ask your doctor to print out a paper version of the invoice.

Which invoices can I send to the CNS via the mobile application?

Only invoices paid on the spot to your doctor are eligible for electronic submission and will therefore no longer be printed. The mobile application will then allow you to transfer the invoice to the CNS for reimbursement of the part reimbursed by the health insurance.

Which invoice can I not send via the mobile application?

If you do not pay your invoice on site, the doctor will always edit it on paper and you will have to send it by post to the CNS.

How can I consult my invoice?

You can click on the invoice in question and it will be displayed in full.

Will I be reimbursed immediately after transferring it to the CNS?

The reimbursement will take place more quickly, due to the fact that the invoice reaches the CNS more directly. However, reimbursement is not yet immediate.

Can I transfer the document to my complementary insurance?

The functionality to transfer the invoice is not yet possible.

Can I receive other CNS documents digitally?

The CNSapp will be updated regularly, it will allow you to consult more documents and take advantage of more features in the near future. In the meantime, there are complementary procedures on MyGuichet.lu which are already accessible.

The CNS is not my health insurance fund. Can I still use the CNSapp when my fund is the CMFEP, CMFEC and EMCFL?

Yes, public funds have been integrated into this development. You can also use CNSapp.

For which countries does the CNSapp apply?

The CNSapp is available in Luxembourg and in the surrounding countries. It is aimed at the services of doctors and dentists accredited in Luxembourg.

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