Change of bank account

Request via MyGuichet

The request to change a bank account with the CNS is made via MyGuichet. You can use the online procedure on MyGuichet with or without LuxTrust authentication.

Certain information is required to process the request.

National identification number

It is essential to indicate the 13-digit national identification number (matricule number) so that the CNS can process the request.

Bank identity statement

In addition, a bank identity statement (relevé d'identité bancaire RIB) issued by the financial institution must be submitted in order to update the bank account details. The bank identity statement must include the name of the person who wishes to change the bank account details.

The request cannot be processed without this document.


What is a bank identity statement (relevé d'identité bancaire - RIB)?

A bank identity statement is an official document that can be issued by your bank or other financial institutions in Luxembourg or abroad.

In Luxembourg (as well as in other countries), this document exists in the form of a certificate; your bank might only issue it as a signed/stamped letter.

This document must include the following information: name of the account holder, IBAN number and BIC/SWIFT number of the bank account.

An account statement or a copy of your bank card are unfortunately not sufficient.

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