Rules to leave home

The person declared sick is not allowed to leave the house during the first 5 days of their incapacity for work (despite any contrary indications on the medical certificate). From the 6th day onwards (as long as the doctor did not advise against a permission to leave the house), the person declared sick is allowed to leave the house between 10am - 12 noon and between 2pm - 6pm.

People who are unable to work due to sickness are not allowed to:

  • do any sports activities (unless medically indicated) ;
  • participate in any kind of activity unsuitable for their state of health;
  • stay in a food and drink establishment, except to have a meal starting from the 1st day of incapacity for work and only if they have previously informed the CNS, a specific form exists for this purpose

People declared sick must indicate to the CNS the exact address (location, street, house number, floor…) at which they will be staying during the incapacity for work. Should this address be different to the usual place of residence, the medical certificate must indicate this address or it can be communicated to the CNS via phone, fax or e-mail.

People who are unable to work can leave the house for the necessary appointments for the Medical Board of the Social Security, the attending physician or any other health professional. If applicable, these absences need to be documented by the person concerned.

The administrative control is carried out by the CNS between 8am and 9pm at the home of the person declared sick respectively at the address indicated as his place of stay during his incapacity. This control affects not only residents, but also cross-border workers and can take place starting from the first day of the incapacity for work. During an administrative control, a protocol is issued. In the case of an absence, a note is delivered notifying the person of the control.

In this case, the absence has to be justified by the person within 3 working days following the date of the control.


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