Invoices explained

The codes and tariffs shown are those valid since 1st January 2024.

This search tool allows you to find the wording and the normal tariff (standard room) of a code, the one that healthcare providers indicate on their invoices. Examples of codes: C1, C54, DC1, 2S41, ... Please note: these are not reimbursed amounts.

The nomenclatures that you can find here are the following: doctors, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists, psychomotor therapists, midwives, speech therapists, palliative care, dieticians, psychotherapists, laboratories, thermal centre Mondorf, outpatient psychiatry, orthopaedists-shoemakers-bandagers. You can find the complete nomenclatures in our section "Legislation > Acts (Types)".

In some cases, tariffs can be increased or reduced. A suffix is then added to the tariff code. Click here to find the suffixes currently in use.

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