Supplier of medical devices

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Conditions for obtaining accreditation

The following documents must be produced by the medical device supplier applying for accreditation:

  1. the signed application for accreditation (CNS form);
  2. the "Information sheet on settling in Luxembourg";
  3. a copy of the identity card or passport;
  4. a copy of the licence to practice issued by the Ministry of Middle Classes;
  5. a statment issued by the bank;
  6. a certificate proving that over the last three years the signatory service provider has complied with the obligations to declare and pay advances and principal, at each term, or that they have complied with the deadlines granted to them, drawn up respectively by:
  • the Joint Centre of Social Security and
  • the Luxembourg Inland Revenue and
  • the Luxembourg Registration Duties, Estates and VAT Authority.

In the case of a commercial company, the service provider must also attach:

  1. the act constituting the company, giving precise information on the details and functions of the persons in charge, in particular the technical manager.

The provider must have decent facilities to enable them to properly deliver the items covered by the agreement.

Allocating a provider code

A provider who is approved by the CNS Council of Administration is given a provider code, which must then appear on all documents used in relations with the health insurance fund.

Accreditation is granted by the CNS Council of Administration, which meets once a month. It can therefore take some time to issue the accreditation.

Information on cost coverage and billing

  • For any questions relating to the day-to-day exchange between providers and the CNS in the context of the authorisation and billing procedures, providers are asked to contact:


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