Procedure for assigning the service provider code

Any dentist operating in Luxembourg must hold a permit to practice issued by the Ministry of Health.

In accordance with the legal texts that provide for compulsory registration, the CNS assigns a dentist code.

As a result, the agreements concluded between the CNS and the "Association des médecins et médecins-dentistes" with its mandatory provisions apply to any dentist operating in Luxembourg.

Art. 4. Avant leur entrée en fonctions, les médecins (et médecins-dentistes) se font attribuer par la Caisse nationale de santé un code médecin (ou médecin-dentiste) individuel. (...)

Consequently, the entry into service of a dentist operating in Luxembourg is therefore subject to the assignment of a healthcare provider code by the CNS, as provided for in the aforementioned article of the agreements concerned.

Documents to be submitted to the CNS

  • The Information sheet for doctors/dentists on settling in Luxembourg ("Fiche de renseignements sur l'établissement d'un médecin/médecin-dentiste au Luxembourg")
  • A copy of the "permit to practice" or the "declaration of service provision" issued by the Ministry of Health
  • A copy of an ID document
  • A bank identity statement (RIB)

In order to receive a healthcare provider code, the dentist has to submit a full application including the completed form "Information sheet on settling in Luxembourg" and the supporting documents specified by e-mail to

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