Flat rate for IT costs

In order to compensate for the costs that the obligation to organise the document management and the exchange with the CNS in an exclusively digital and electronic way generates for dietetic practices, article 38 of the agreement provides for an annual lump sum intervention. In principle, this financial aid is intended to cover the following expenses:

  • Computer equipment (computer, scanner, archiving)
  • The licence for software capable of exchanging files with the CNS, in accordance with the specifications which are an integral part of the agreement
  • Costs related to the connection to HealthNet Luxembourg (Token)
  • A fixed internet line at the practice address

The package amounts to 1,600 euros per practice.

Terms and conditions

The right to the payment of the lump sum is conditioned by an activity within the physiotherapy practice of at least two thousand services opposable to the health insurance per year. In the case of a physiotherapist's practice starting or stopping its activity during the course of a year, the threshold number of services and the amount of the lump sum are prorated.

In principle, the lump sum is limited to one payment per postal address. If several providers work in a joint practice, it is considered that the installation of a single workstation connected to a common location on the premises is sufficient to meet the requirements of the agreement.

In the exceptional case of two completely separate practices at the same postal address, e.g. on two different floors of the same building or in two different units of a residence, the CNS reserves the right to request documentary evidence that these are indeed separate practices with separate and independent IT costs.

Application procedure

The lump sum must be requested on a specific form between 1 January and 31 March for the previous year. After verification of the conditions of granting, the CNS proceeds to the liquidation of the lump sum in June.

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