Procedure for assigning the service provider code

Any healthcare provider operating in Luxembourg must hold a permit to practice issued by the Ministry of Health.

In accordance with the legal texts that provide for compulsory registration, the CNS assigns a healthcare provider code.

As a result, the agreements concluded between the CNS and the respective professional groups with its mandatory provisions apply to any healthcare provider operating in Luxembourg.

Consequently, the entry into service of a healthcare provider operating in Luxembourg is therefore subject to the assignment of a healthcare provider code by the CNS, as provided for in the agreements in force.

Documents to be submitted to the CNS

  • The Information sheet on settling in Luxembourg ("Fiche de renseignements sur l'établissement au Luxembourg")
  • A copy of the "permit to practice" issued by the Ministry of Health
  • A copy of an ID document
  • A bank identity statement (RIB)

In order to receive a healthcare provider code, the healthcare provider has to submit a full application including the completed form "Information sheet on settling in Luxembourg" and the supporting documents specified by e-mail to

Declaring a joint cabinet

If several dietitians decide to work in a joint practice, they have several options for invoicing their services to the CNS:

  • Each dietitian invoices his own services separately with the CNS. In this case, no further steps are required when it comes to allocating a code.
  • Dietitians request a common provider code to create a liberal association with pooled fees.
  • A dietician invoices all services to the CNS and indicates the service provider code for each session provided. In this case, the relationship between the different service providers must be reported to the CNS in the form of a group with common billing.

Liberal Association

The practice of dietetics in a liberal association with pooling of fees is linked to the creation of a common provider code. All acts performed by members of the association may be invoiced under this association code.

Unlike other forms of joint invoicing, the liberal association is characterised by greater stability and transparency between its members. In practice, this means the following practical arrangements:

  •     Each member of the association must confirm the membership or departure of a member by his signature
  •     Each member of the association receives an annual statement of the amounts charged to the association for the period during which he or she was a member

To request an association code, please contact

Declaring a group of dietitians with joint billing

Freelance dietitians, associations of dietitians, aid and care establishments, aid and care networks and semi-stationary centres are entitled to invoice services provided by individual dietitians other than the invoicing party, provided that the relationship between invoicing party and performer is previously reported to the CNS. In this context, both an employment relationship and work under a contract of employment (also called "Freelance") are allowed.

The CNS will only pay for fee statements that include an executing service provider who has previously been declared as a member of the firm or invoicing institution via the form "Declaration/Modification of a group with common invoicing (other than a liberal association)" available below.

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