Procedure for allocating a provider code

Procedure for allocating the provider code

Any provider practising in Luxembourg must hold a practice permit issued by the Ministry of Health.

In application of the legal texts that provide for compulsory agreement, the CNS assigns a provider code.

It follows that the agreements concluded between the CNS and the respective professional groups with its compulsory provisions are applicable to any provider practising in Luxembourg.

Consequently, the entry into service of a service provider operating in Luxembourg is therefore conditional on the allocation of a service provider code by the CNS, as provided for in the agreements in question.

In order to submit an application for a full code allocation, the service provider fills in the form "Information sheet on the establishment in Luxembourg", attaches the supporting documents indicated and sends the duly dated and signed document by e-mail to

Documents should be sent in PDF format to
Applications in JPEG and HTM format cannot be opened and will therefore not be accepted.

Documents to be sent to the CNS :

  • The "Information sheet on the establishment in Luxembourg"
  • A copy of the "authorization to practice" issued by the Ministry of Health
  • A copy of an identity document
  • A bank statement (RIB)

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