Compression garments

What is covered by the CNS for compression garments and what is the reimbursement rate?

The CNS covers the costs of both round knitted (60%) and flat knitted compression stockings (80%) on a pro rata basis. Compression garments for other parts of the body are fully reimbursed (100%) by the CNS.

Compression garments, both round and flat knitted, with silver threads are not covered by the CNS.

Items exceeding the maximum prices cannot be reimbursed by the CNS.

What is the renewal period?

Within a 12-month period, insured persons are entitled to 2 pairs of round-knitted compression stockings/tights and 4 pairs of flat-knitted compression stockings/tights. The prescription can be renewed at the end of the 12 months.

For other compression garments, a decision is taken on the basis of a justified medical prescription (ordonnance médicale motivée).

What is important when prescribing compression garments?

The traditional medical prescription is replaced by the treatment protocol (protocole thérapeutique). The form Annexe N - Vêtements de compression et de contention must be used for this purpose. The protocol must be completed for both flat knitted and circular knitted compression garments.

In order to receive the compression stockings, the insured person must hand in the protocol at an orthopaedic specialist shop or a pharmacy. For flat knitted compression stockings and other compression garments at a cost of 125 Euro or more, the supplier must submit a cost estimate to the CNS. This request must be approved by the CNS prior to delivery (titre de prise en charge).

Where can I find the "protocole thérapeutique"?

The document Annexe N for prescribing compression garments is available under "Forms".

What information must the prescription contain?

In addition to the 13-digit identification number and the name of the insured person, the prescription must also contain the details of the doctor (name and code médecin). Furthermore, more detailed information on the clinical picture and the prescribed product must be provided:

  • diagnosis,
  • date of surgical procedure (if applicable),
  • start lymphatic drainage (if applicable),
  • details of the body part and model (if necessary, also exact product details),
  • knitting method,
  • minimum pressure,
  • precise information on the treatment / duration of treatment.

For a prescription to be approved before the renewal period expires, the doctor is required to sufficiently justify the renewal.

The prescription must be signed, stamped and dated by the doctor.

Where can the patient purchase the compression garments?

The patient can buy the compression garments in the pharmacy as well as in a medical supply store. Please see in advance whether the prescribed compression garments are being sold at the selected store.

In order to ensure the quality of care, the seller must provide the CNS with proof that the necessary trainings have been completed.

Which compression garments require prior authorisation?

No authorisation is required for circular knitted compression stockings. The patient can purchase them directly at the pharmacy or the orthopaedic specialist and is then reimbursed by the CNS after submitting all required documents.

In contrast, for flat knitted and other compression garments, a cost estimate must be submitted to the CNS together with the protocole thérapeutique (Annexe N) and a measurement sheet (Annexe H) before the seller hands out the compression garments. If the cost estimate is approved, the seller receives a titre de prise en charge from the CNS and the patient can receive the compression garments.

In any case, the patient must submit the complete documentation (treatment protocol, invoice, measurement sheet) in order to be reimbursed by the CNS.

Which documents must be submitted for reimbursement?

Compression stockings are only covered by the CNS if the fully completed protocole thérapeutique (Annexe N), the cost estimate (only for flat knitted compression garments if price ⩾ 125 €)  and a measurement protocol (details according to Annexe H) are attached to the invoice from the pharmacy or the medical supply store.

For other compression garments, the fully completed protocole thérapeutique (Annexe N), as well as the cost estimate if the price is ⩾ 125 €, must be attached to the pharmacy or medical supply store's invoice.

What if the request is refused?

In the event of refusal (refus de prise en charge), the patient is free to submit a written objection to the Council of Administration of the CNS within forty days of notification.

To be admissible, an objection must be signed by the patient himself, his legal representative or his proxy. The proxy may be a lawyer or a representative of a professional association or trade union of which the patient may be a member and must have a special written power of attorney.

It is advisable to send the objection by registered post to the address of the Council of Administration of the CNS.

Summary table


Round knitted compression stockings

(P5010130 to P5010133)

Flat knitted compression stockings 

(P5010134 to P5010137)

Other compression garments


Maximum price

Cost estimate

Cost estimate


Yes if price ⩾ 125 €

Reimbursement rate




Renewal period

2 pairs / 12 months

4 pairs / 12 months

depending on the condition

Measurement sheet (annexe H)



Reimbursement by the CNS for products containing silver threads


Protocole thérapeutique (annexe N)


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