Teleconsultations restored

The Health Directorate has just published a new ordinance valid as of 16 July 2022 until 15 October 2022.

The CNS therefore has the legal base to be able to reimburse teleconsultations from this date.

We would like to point out that the Health Directorate has given recommendations regarding this practice, specifying that it is a medical practice that must meet the same quality requirements as face-to-face medical practice, except for the physical examination, and that the patient must be known to the teleconsulting health professional because a physical consultation has taken place during the last 12 months preceding the teleconsultation.

It follows that :

  • Telephone reception of patients for practical questions and appointments is not a teleconsultation;
  • Advice given over the phone, i.e. a health professional giving advice to patients over the phone for a limited medical issue, is not a teleconsultation:
  • A teleconsultation does not usually result in any time savings for the health professional.

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