Change of address or life situation

In order for the CNS to process the request, it is essential to indicate the 13-digit national identification number (matricule number).  


A written request must be sent to the CNS in order to update an address or the life situation (marriage, PACS, divorce) in our database. The request can be sent by mail to the "Service Coassurance et signalétique" or by e-mail.


A certificate of residence, issued by the commune of residence, must be submitted in order to update an address.

As the French communes are not always able to issue a certificate of residence, the CNS accepts a sworn statement certified by the commune of residence.

The CNS cannot process a request for a change of address without a certificate of residence or a sworn statement.

In order to update your life situation, a mariage certificate, PACS certificate, divorce certificate, ..., must be submitted.



Luxembourg residents are not required to declare their change of address or life situation to the CNS. The Luxembourg commune of residence updates the data in the National Registre of Natural Persons (Registre national des personnes physiques - RNPP).

Changes on

A new process on allows non-residents to easily communicate a change of address or life situation (marriage, PACS, divorce) to the National Registry of Natural Persons (RNPP) of the Luxembourg State.

The communication of a change of address or life situation to the RNPP can now be performed online, 24/7 via without the need for a LuxTrust product. For all other changes, a LuxTrust product remains mandatory.

Important: For Luxembourg residents, the procedure remains the same. It is the Luxembourg commune of residence that has to update the address or life situation in the National Registry of Natural Persons (RNPP).

The insured must therefore contact their commune of residence if data in the RNPP needs to be updated.

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