Long-term care

In the context of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and following the instructions and measures announced by the Government, the long-term care insurance will continue to respond to your questions and calls and will continue to provide benefits in kind and cash.

Our employees can be reached by phone.

For more information, please send an email to the following address: assurancedependance@secu.lu

Please consult the website of the Ministry of Health for all information on the COVID-19 coronavirusand follow the instructions of precaution.

General information

A person is considered to be in need of long-term care if they regularly require assistance from another person in order to carry out basic day-to-day tasks owing to illness or a physical, psychological or mental disability.

Basic day-to-day tasks are:

  1. personal hygiene: care and assistance aiming to maintain the cleanliness of the body;
  2. body excretions: care and assistance aiming the disposal of metabolic waste;
  3. nutrition: care and assistance aiming to assist with food intake, hydration and enteral feeding;
  4. clothing: care and assistance to get dressed and undressed;
  5. mobility: care and assistance aiming changes of position, locomotion and access to and exit from home.

The insured person must, in theory, require assistance with basic day-to-day tasks for at least three and a half hours a week, and the need for nursing care must be likely to last at least six months or be irreversible.

Calendar 2022 for the financial benefits of the long-term care insurance

If you have any questions about the cash benefits of the long-term care insurance, you can contact us using the following contact details:

Département Assurance Dépendance
Service Liquidation
E-mail: adespeces.cns@secu.lu
Phone: 27 57 - 4455

The following table shows the dates of payment of cash benefits for the year 2022.

Month Liquidation
(the date may vary depending on the bank)
January 17.01.2022 21.01.2022
February 14.02.2022 18.02.2022
March 14.03.2022 18.03.2022
April 11.04.2022 15.04.2022
May 16.05.2022 20.05.2022
June 13.06.2022 17.06.2022
July 18.07.2022 22.07.2022
August 16.08.2022 20.08.2022
September 19.09.2022 23.09.2022
October 17.10.2022 21.10.2022
November 14.11.2022 18.11.2022
Décember 12.12.2022 16.12.2022


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