Reimbursement by bank transfer

Some guidelines for a quick and efficient refund

Every day, the CNS receives about 15.000 invoices from insured persons. In order to be able to process each request as quickly as possible, it is important to provide the required documents and information.

Required documents and information

Original fee note

In order to claim reimbursements for paid medical fees, the original fee notes or any other original invoices must be sent to the CNS. The insured person cannot submit copies of invoices/fee notes or scans.

Please remember to keep copies of the invoices, if necessary. The CNS cannot provide the service of copying invoices once they have been submitted.

Proof of payment

The costs relating to invoices or fee notes must be paid upfront. For the reimbursement, the fee notes or invoices must be validly receipted or submitted with the proof of payment.

The following is considered proof of payment:

  • the indication "pour acquit le (for receipt on)" followed by the signature of the doctor/provider and the date of payment
  • the stamp/signature of the financial institution with the indication "payé (paid)", "pour acquit (for receipt)", "virement exécuté (transfer executed)", ...
  • the bank debit notice (known as "avis de débit bancaire" in Luxembourg)

Documents from foreign banks (e.g. statements) can only be accepted if they indicate:

  • that the payment has been executed,
  • the payment date,
  • and the exact reference number of the corresponding invoice.

The proof of payment must clearly show that the amount to be paid has already been debited from the insured's bank account.

Important: in all cases the reference number indicated on the invoice must be mentioned on the debit notice / statement.

Invoices or fee notes paid via an "internet banking" system are reimbursed on the basis of a debit notification printed via an online account; a simple payment order is not sufficient. Depending on the operating procedures of the various online banking accounts, such a document should be available for printing the day following the payment order.

Screenshots are not accepted!

Communication of bank account

For the first reimbursement request, the insured person must indicate their bank account number (IBAN and BIC codes) by enclosing a bank identity statement (relevé d'identité bancaire) issued by their bank.
The insured person should verify the bank details upon receipt of the reimbursement statement.

If the bank details are correct and the reimbursement was transferred to the right account, it is not necessary to add the bank details each time the insured person submits a reimbursement request. Once the insured person has indicated their bank details, they are stored by the CNS. If the insured person indicates the same bank details again, it will only prompt an additional control of the registered data and may delay reimbursement.

Claim for reimbursement to a person other than the main insured

The form 'Claim for reimbursement to a person other than the main insured' must be attached to your claim by mail if :

  • you have paid the medical expenses of a person other than your co-insureds;
  • you have paid your own medical expenses, in case you are co-insured yourself.

For more information, please see our page "Request for reimbursemnt to another person".

National identification number

The request must contain the insured's surname, first name, address and 13-digit identification number.

Further details

  • Every change of address must be notified to the CNS in order to allow the CNS to contact the insured person by post. However, if the insured person moves to or within Luxembourg, the CNS does not need to be notified.
  • Invoices from abroad are usually reimbursed only after the CNS receives the notification from the country where healthcare was provided.
  • Invoices cannot be refunded if the insured person is not/no longer insured or if the (co-)insurance of their family members is not/no longer in order. In this case, our team in charge will inform the insured person by post.

    The CNS strives to process requests as quickly as possible.

Deadline for requesting a refund

You have 2 years from the date on which you paid the bill to request reimbursement from the CNS. After this period, the request for reimbursement will be refused.

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