Death / Funeral costs

In the event of the death of an Luxembourg insured person (=payment of contributions in Luxembourg) or a dependent family member, a funeral allowance can be granted.


The funeral allowance is paid up to the costs incurred to the person or the institution that has paid the costs upfront or, if a public body arranged the funeral through an undertaker, directly to the latter.

Any balance remaining is paid in the following order: to the deceased's spouse/partner, children, parents and siblings, provided that they have lived in the same household as the insured person.


The deceased must have been affiliated (either personally or as a co-insured) with the health insurance scheme for the funeral allowance to be paid.

Practical steps

If a third party has advanced funeral expenses for a deceased person who was insured, they should submit the following by post to the CNS:

The refund will be paid to the person mentioned on the "Claim for reimbursement to a person other than the main insured" form. Without this form, the payment will be made to the account of the person giving the transfer instruction as shown on the proof of payment.

Amount of the funeral allowance

In the event of the death of an insured person or a dependent family member, a flat-rate funeral allowance of € 1.227,76 is granted.

This funeral allowance is also paid if the child is stillborn. A stillborn child is defined as a child born viable and non-living. A child is presumed to be viable if, according to the medical certificate, the gestation period has lasted more than 22 weeks since conception.

In the event of the death of an insured person in the context of an inpatient treatment abroad duly authorised by the CNS through an S2 form, the health insurance contributes to the repatriation of the mortal remains from the place of treatment to the place of stay up to a flat-rate amount of currently € 1.227,76.

Funeral costs taken into account

  • Coffin and usual funeral decorations (mortuary chapel, wreaths),
  • crown of flowers,
  • transportation of the coffin and flowers,
  • opening and closing of the tomb,
  • religious burial ceremony and funeral service,
  • incineration,
  • customary funeral announcements in the press,
  • communal fees and taxes.

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