Return of an unscheduled treatment from abroad to Luxembourg (repatriation)

(emergency care/necessary care during the stay abroad)

The insured person is on the European continent for a temporary stay and hospital care is required during this stay (=unscheduled treatment). Under certain conditions, transport by ambulance to a hospital in Luxembourg may be covered.

Conditions of coverage

Repatriations from abroad to Luxembourg by ambulance following unscheduled treatment (emergency care) are subject to special conditions. Transport by ambulance is only possible from a foreign hospital to a Luxembourg hospital for the continuation of inpatient treatment. The return to the insured person's home by ambulance is not covered.

Repatriation by helicopter or plane is not covered by health insurance.

This transport by ambulance must be authorised by the CNS.

The application for authorisation must be submitted by the doctor who provided the treatment abroad or who authorised the hospital release. This doctor must issue a medical prescription stating the medical reasons that justify the need for transport in a lying or semi-seated position. This prescription must be submitted to the CNS. The CNS conducts an administrative check of the file. If the check is satisfactory, the CNS issues a certificate of coverage which is sent to the insured.


Transport costs are only covered up to a maximum distance of 600 km on the outward journey.



To apply for authorisation, the doctor's medical prescription must be sent to the CNS by post to the Transportation Authorisations Department (Autorisations transport des malades).

Alternatively, the request can be sent by e-mail ( or by fax to 2757-2758.


For reimbursement, the insured must send the following documents:

  • the duly paid invoice of the transport company from abroad/Luxembourg;
  • certificate of coverage
Reimbursement through the third party payment system is possible with an approved transport company (not with a foreign transport company).

Amount and rate of coverage

The coverage rate for transport by ambulance to a hospital in Luxembourg is seventy percent (70%) calculated on the basis of 1.29 Euro/km and for a maximum distance of 600 km.

Important: In case of repatriation/return to Luxembourg, please contact the CNS beforehand in order to obtain a certificate of coverage.  

Please note: for transport by ambulance abroad, 30% of the statutory tariff remains at the expense of the insured person. In addition to this contribution, any supplements charged by the transport companies may be added. If possible, find out about the prices charged by the transport companies before choosing a provider.

The third party payment system can only be covered by CNS with Luxembourgish transport companies. The insured must advance the costs if he is transported by a foreign transport provider.

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