General principle

So long as a worker is insured, the principles generally applicable to salaried workers apply « mutatis mutandis » to non-salaried ones.


Period of deferment of sickness benefit payments

The payment of financial benefit granted to non-salaried insureds is deferred until the end of the calendar month in the course of which the 77th day of incapacity for work is reached, the total days being an aggregate in a reference period of 18 successive calendar months (“sliding year”).

Deferment of financial benefit comes into effect again at the beginning of the month following the month in which the seventy-seven day total has no longer been reached.


Declaration of incapacity for work

The standstill period only comes into effect from the same day as the declaration of incapacity for work, supported by a medical certificate (medical form 1) sent to the CNS.

In the case of a prolongation of incapacity for work, a new medical assessment must be sent before the expiry of the period projected in the previous assessment of incapacity for work.

For sickness benefit to be allocated after the standstill period (77 days and the rest of the month in which the 77th day occurs after the day when the sickness or accident was officially certified), the entire period of incapacity for work falling within the standstill period must be covered by medical assessments sent to the CNS.


How sickness benefit is calculated

For insured persons who are not employees, the level of benefit corresponds to the level of contribution applicable at the time of the beginning of their incapacity for work.

Any modification in the rate of payable contributions means that the level of benefit paid is revised correspondingly.


Granting financial benefits for a period of under a month

If the period to be remunerated is under a month, each day is always calculated as being the thirtieth part of a month.


Employers' mutual insurance

For the self-employed, the Employers' mutual insurance (MDE) ensures the payment of a replacement income during the period of suspension of the financial benefits from the National Health Fund (CNS). Membership of the mutual insurance is voluntary. For more information, visit the website of the Employers' mutual insurance (MDE).

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