Co-insurance and personal details

To allow the CNS to process the request, it is essential to indicate the 13-digit national identification number (matricule number). 


A written request must be sent to the CNS in order to change an address. The request can be sent by mail to the "Service Coassurance et Signalétique" or by e-mail.


A certificate of residence, issued by the commune of residence, must be joined to the request for a change of address.

As the French communes are not always able to issue a certificate of residence, a declaration of honour certified by the commune of residence can be accepted.

A request for a change of address which contains neither a certificate of residence nor a declaration of honnour cannot be processed by the CNS.  


Luxembourg residents do not have to declare their change of residence to the CNS. The Luxembourg commune of arrival proceeds directly to the change in the National registre of physical persons (Registre national des personnes physiques-RNPP).

Bank account

The request to change a bank account with the CNS is made via MyGuichet by following the link below.

You can use the online procedure on MyGuichet with or without LuxTrust authentication.


A bank identity statement (relevé d'identité bancaire RIB) issued by the financial institution must be submitted in order to update the bank account details.

The request cannot be processed without this document.

Certificate of co-insurance, certificate of affiliation (only those on minimum wage and those living on pensions);

The certificate of co-insurance and the certificate of affiliation for those benefiting from a minimum wage or those living on pensions can be requested with the "Service Coassurance et Signalétique" en by using the e-mail below.


The CNS only issues the certificate of co-insurance for Luxemburg residents.

Cross-border workers must contact their local health insurance fund in order to receive the certificate of co-insurance for a family member.

The CNS only issues the certificate of affiliation for persons benefiting from a minimum wage and those living on pensions. The certificate of affiliation for active persons must be requested with the Joint Center of Social Security ( Centre commun de la sécurité sociale).

European Health Insurance Card and replacement document

This card (or the equivalent provisional certificate of replacement) facilitates access to medical treatment, which may be necessary during a temporary stay in another Member State.

The card is valid for a limited period that is defined on the card. If the card has expired or if the insured does not have a card, it can be ordered on the internet site of the Joint Center of Social Security (Centre commun de la sécurité sociale).

In case of emergency, a replacement document (valid for three months as of the issue date) can be issued on request at the following address.


To be delivered in time, the card must be requested three weeks before departure or before its expiry date. The card will be sent to the official address of the insured person. If the address of the insured has changed and has not been updated, the delivery cannot be guaranteed.

The address has to be correct for the sending of a replacement document.

Request for co-insurance and change of situation

  • Co-insurance of family members, resident
  • Separation within marriage, marriage, divorce, in care responsibility for children, change of parental authority, birth, adoption, reception of children in foster care, death
  • Changes to personal details: name, first name, date of birth
  • Continuation of co-insurance beyond the age of 30

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