In practice

Right to palliative care is acquired with the declaration presented by the treating doctor on a form specifically intended for this purpose, consisting of an administrative section and a medical one.

The declaration is signed by the treating doctor and addressed to the Medical Board of the Social Security (Contrôle médical de la sécurité sociale CMSS) in a sealed envelope. It must then be validated by the CMSS.

Entitlement to palliative care expires after 35 days of acquiring it. In exceptional cases, it may be prolonged for one or more additional periods of 35 days.

The CNS sends a care booklet (carnet de soins), with the certificate of coverage (titre de prise en charge) certifying entitlement to palliative care, to the treating doctor who submitted the request for palliative care.

The treating doctor holds the care booklet at the disposal of other health care providers. Each provider involved in the patient's care must enter all supplies, acts and services delivered in the care booklet.

The health care booklet must be available at all times, wherever the patient is staying, and accompanies the patient wherever he or she is taken to stay. The health care booklet must be readily accessible to the person in care and to all health care providers. When the person in care changes residence, the attending physician is responsible for assuring that the health care booklet continues to be at the immediate disposal of all providers involved in the patient's care.


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