Electronic data exchange

In some agreements between the CNS and various health professionals, the organisation of the management, transmission and storage of documents is provided for exclusively in digital and electronic form. These include agreements between the CNS and medical analysis and clinical biology laboratories, physiotherapists and dieticians. For health professions other than doctors and dentists, electronic data exchange is allowed on an optional basis.

In order to participate in electronic data exchange, the provider must connect remotely to a secure area in order to deposit its application files and to retrieve the response files that the CNS has deposited there. To do this, a provider must:

  • Connect to the secure "HealthNet" network to access the CNS server
  • Be able to generate request files according to the specifications in the agreement and inject the CNS return files into its own database.

Acces to the CNS server

In order to ensure a confidential and secure exchange of data, the provider must connect to "HealthNet", a highly secure computer network provided by the eHealth Agency. Then, the provider must request a username and password to access the CNS server, which is also connected to HealthNet.

The relevant forms and user guides are available below. It is recommended that new providers who wish to connect for the first time first consult the "User guide to activate a new electronic connection with the CNS".

IMPORTANT NOTE: Access to HealthNet and the CNS server is restricted to providers who have a valid provider code. If you do not yet have such a code, please first follow the procedure to assign a provider code.

The forms 

  • "HealthNet Luxembourg - Request for services: activation, modification, termination"


  • "Request for access - Electronic data exchange"  

should be sent in PDF format to gefo.cns@secu.lu.

Applications in JPEG and HTM format cannot be opened and will therefore not be accepted.

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