Procedure for the allocation of the supplier code

Every pharmacist working in Luxembourg must hold a license issued by the Ministry of Health.

In application of the legal texts providing for the consent of pharmacists who own a pharmacy open to the public, the CNS issues a pharmacist code.

It follows that the agreement between CNS and the Syndicat des Pharmaciens luxembourgeois is applicable to any pharmacist operating one of the pharmacies open to the public in Luxembourg.

Art. 2.  Before a pharmacist wishing to operate a pharmacy open to the public can provide services subject to health or accident insurance, he must be assigned an individual provider code by the CNS. (...)

To submit a complete code application, the pharmacist fills in the information sheet and sends the duly dated and signed document by e-mail to

Documents should be sent in PDF format to
Applications in JPEG and HTM format cannot be opened and will therefore not be accepted.

Documents to be sent to the CNS:

  • The ministerial authorization for the concession
  • The certificate of 1st exploitation of the concession established by the Directorate of Health, if it is a creation of a new concession
  • Application for exemption from the reduction in the event of the creation of a new concession
  • A copy of the identity card
  • A copy of the pharmacist's diploma
  • The name and contact information of the pharmacist's software publisher, which must be duly approved by the eSanté agency
  • The start date of the activity
  • A certificate of banking details
  • A copy of the deed of assignment in the case of a private concession
  • The certificate of participation in the theoretical and practical training in "Compression stockings"
  • The duly signed "mySecu Platform Services Framework Agreement"

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