Medical devices

A medical device is a supply, an appliance, an instrument or other device, used for treating a disease, an injury or to improve the anatomy or a physiological process of the patient.

Medical devices are grouped into different files, depending on their method of delivery.

File B1

Lists medical devices of a « smaller » nature, such as various special bandages, products for urinary incontinence, glucometers and accessories etc.

File B2

Combines supplies of a « bigger » nature, which may only be leased (with a lease contract).

File B3

Groups all devices, earmoulds and accessories for hearing correction.

File B4

Lists medical devices for persons having undergone a laryngectomy, persons with a tracheostomy or persons who suffer from a respiratory pathology.

File B5

Lists products for medical nutrition.

File B6

Specifies travel and transport services covered by the CNS.

File B7

Lists medical devices who may only be delivered with a medical prescription by hospitals for treatments done outside of the hospital sector.


The files specify for each device the terms and rate of coverage.

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